White Hat Techniques For Link Building

The purpose of the Google Penguin update was to penalise websites with a high volume of spammy, low-authority connections in their backlink profile, hence lowering the websites’ search engine rankings.
This type of algorithm update has only gotten smarter over time, therefore it’s important to put a premium on white hat strategies for more effective link creation.

To make sense of the latest shifts, I have compiled some information on the link building tactics you should avoid and the ones you should lean towards.

Creating links: what’s the big deal?

To acquire links to your website from other websites is what is meant by “link building.” A hyperlink is a tool that serves two purposes: it helps people move across the web, and it helps search engines find relevant content.

While there is some variation in how challenging certain link building tactics can be, many SEOs (myself included) consider it to be the most challenging aspect of our work. If you can learn how to establish links, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Insights into the Value of Linking

Search Metrics found that a website’s total number of backlinks is the fourth most important ranking criteria. Backlinks are useless unless they come from credible sources and carry a lot of weight.

Methods for Creating Links Secretly

Stop using spammy techniques to boost your site’s link popularity if you haven’t already.

These methods not only generate low-quality backlinks, which is against Google’s and Bing’s respective criteria, but they also put you at danger of a penalty.

Strategies for Establishing Links

Links that are placed only for the purpose of increasing a site’s PageRank or its position in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme, which is against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Any manipulation of incoming or outgoing links to your site is also forbidden.

Advertorials and Mass Guest Posting

Advertisements that seem like news articles are called advertorials.

As you are paying for the usage of advertorials, you face the danger of being penalised for engaging in what is seen as an all-too-common link scam.

The same goes for guest content; like advertorials, too many of them might get your site punished.

Anchor-Text-Optimized Press Release

Press releases are not a bad strategy for building backlinks if you have newsworthy content to provide.

Very often, businesses will utilise press releases as a pretext for stuffing their website with links that use keyword-rich anchor text.

Anchor text should include both the brand name and the Link if you’re using this tactic for noteworthy material.

Methods That Don’t Violate The Terms Of Service

To succeed, you need to employ ethical link building techniques.

As opposed to black hat methods, these solutions pose little to no risk and conform to webmaster criteria set forth by search engines.

Simply put, these are the methods you may use without worrying about getting in trouble with Google.

Success with these methods depends on your ability to properly engage your community through the use of original material.

Preexisting Connections

Using your already established connections is the most effective (and least time-consuming) method for expanding your network.

As an illustration, don’t be shy about approaching potential connection partners you’ve identified.


Even though guest posting is a valid method of increasing your site’s link popularity, it shouldn’t be your primary focus.

When writing guest posts for other blogs, be sure the material you produce is of excellent quality and not just filler.

Can I trust this site? Does it have a lot of credibility. One technique to ensure sure the website follows ethical standards and is not at risk of a penalty is to investigate its backlink profile.
Who exactly is their target market? Always check to see if they fit in with your field.
Could you tell me if this is a reliable resource? The content should be checked to make sure it is all up to date and supported.
Are they able to maintain a sizable fan base? You can tell how well-liked someone is by the number of people who follow them or who post their content on social media.

Relevant links

The obviousness of this is often lost on people.

Provide excellent content that others will want to share and link to if you want to attract high-quality backlinks. A good example of this is a blog article, infographic, interactive piece of information, survey, or comprehensive guide.

The distribution of these huge assets, once established, requires careful planning. This requires not only making these materials easily accessible via your website, but also incorporating them into a social media plan tailored to the sites frequented by your target demographic.