How To Run A Successful Instagram Contest

Do you run a small business or have a startup and want to get the word out about what you’re offering? Do you run an established firm that requires a steady stream of new customers to stay afloat? Do you, on the other hand, already manage a sizable and prosperous enterprise but wish to expand even further? If so, you could find that giving something free is the perfect tool.

According to data, freebies have a far greater conversion rate than other forms of material, clocking in at over 34%. In addition, it’s a great approach to gather information for an email marketing campaign and raise engagement on your Instagram business account and the amount of people who follow your brand on social media. Giving something out also helps you learn more about your audience since they will provide feedback.

How to Host a Successful Instagram Contest in 6 Easy Steps

Are you prepared to host a giveaway on Instagram? You need to become ready in advance. The key to a successful Instagram giveaway is careful preparation. To help you get off to a good start, here are some suggestions.

Choose Your Destination(s)

Make sure you know why you’re doing a giveaway on Instagram. It will aid you in making an informed decision about the sort of giveaway to host and in gauging the success of the event once it has concluded.

Gaining more Instagram followers and shares, creating interest in a new product or service, amassing email addresses for a future email marketing campaign, and learning what your target market thinks of your business and its offerings are all worthwhile outcomes of a giveaway.

Determine Your Approach (and Costs)

What would the freebie consist of, exactly? If participants are expected to provide original content (such as an essay or video/photo collage), the award must be worthwhile. A gift card, a selection of items, or some other item with real worth might be offered as a prize.

If funds are tight, though, it may be wise to hold back on selling everything in your catalogue or even your priciest item. Choose an Instagram contest that is simple to enter and provides real value to your followers instead.

Collaborate as a group to come up with a few different Instagram giveaway ideas, and then build a plan around the most promising one.

Establish Participation and Award Requirements

To increase participation and prevent any misunderstandings, it’s important to explicitly state the terms of your Instagram giveaway. To make sure the Instagram offer is completely fair, you should probably prohibit corporate workers and their families from entering.

Make sure there are no questions about the regulations of the Instagram giveaway by providing clear instructions. If the winner is asked to cover shipping costs, would you? Is international shipping possible? How long does the winner have to tell you where to send the prize?

You should also know that this offer has nothing to do with Instagram, per their regulations. In doing so, you will be protected from any legal action taken against Instagram.

By giving them this information, you reduce the likelihood that they will be disappointed.

Schedule the time of the giveaway.

Instagram contests are useful if you need to introduce people to a new product or service, stir up interest on social media, or grow your email marketing list. Just don’t try to host it when there are a lot of other big things happening at the same time. (i.e., a major election, sports competition, etc.)

For a straightforward contest that involves only a few mouse clicks to enter, plan on three to five days. Complex giveaways with valuable rewards should run for at least a week and preferably two.

What to think about when determining a giveaway date: Seasonality; Promotional possibilities; Giveaway entry window” is written next to a checkmarked calendar.

Share the Update Widely

Although people sharing your post is a requirement for most contest formats, you should still be ready to promote your post on Instagram, especially in the beginning. Promote your Instagram giveaway not just via Instagram posts but also through your other social media channels and website. Send out an email announcing the contest and asking subscribers to share it with their friends.

Choose the victor

Have a group of two or three employees in your organisation assist determine the winner if the Instagram contest requires content production, such as a photo/video sharing contest or caption contest.

Be careful to detail the judging criteria and the timing for announcing the winner.

Subscribe Participants to Your Newsletter

Be sure to have participants sign up for your newsletter once the Instagram competition has ended. Some businesses will reach out to potential new customers through email just before a contest begins, extending a warm welcome and providing basic information about the organisation. Some people prefer to do this after the contest has already ended, and they use the initial email to give a discount or other “consolation prize” to the people who entered but didn’t win.

In any case, you can quickly and easily get new subscribers to your newsletter using the platform and capabilities provided by Mailchimp. In order to better serve the requirements of your customers, you may categorise new subscribers based on age, gender, geography, and other factors.

Start a Contest Today

It might be nerve-wracking to host your first Instagram contest. However, after reading this, you will have the knowledge necessary to organise a successful Instagram contest.

By adhering to the aforementioned guidelines, you should have no issue hosting a successful Instagram contest or giveaway for the first time. Brand recognition, Instagram-follower growth, and new, satisfied customers can all be yours with just a little bit of planning and some interesting giveaway posts.