How To Sell Your Products On Instagram?

Instagram has over a billion monthly active users, making it one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. This is a fantastic chance for local companies to advertise to a worldwide market and feature their wares in an aesthetically pleasing manner. However, it might be difficult to distinguish out and generate sales through this channel because of the abundance of competing companies. Instagram’s shoppable posts feature can help companies overcome this obstacle by allowing customers to shop straight from user-posted content. Shoppable posts make it easier than ever for companies to monetise their Instagram profiles by selling things straight to customers. Time to start selling on Instagram if you haven’t already!

The benefits of selling on Instagram for your company

Obtain a sizable and interested following.
Excellent venue for displaying your wares in a visually striking manner
Consumers can reach you directly.
Possibility of attracting and maintaining a dedicated fanbase
When compared to other marketplaces, Instagram’s minimal hurdles to entry make it an attractive option for sellers. A website or electronic commerce platform is not required for businesses to set up an Instagram account and begin selling their items. With Instagram Shopping, companies can create a virtual storefront within the app, complete with product images, descriptions, and tags for use in Instagram posts and stories. Instagrammers who are interested in a particular product may learn more about it by tapping on the tag and even buy it without leaving the app. In today’s social media-driven marketplace, many companies’ e-commerce strategies now include selling on Instagram to both attract new consumers and strengthen ties with existing ones.
Here, we’ll go through how to create a shoppable article, as well as some best practises for getting the most out of it commercially. This article will teach you how to use Instagram’s shoppable posts to boost sales and expand your business, regardless of how long you’ve been in operation.

Make sure you’re Instagram-ready

You must fulfil the following conditions in order to use shoppable posts on Instagram:

  • In order to use Instagram Shopping, your company must be based in one of the supported countries.
  • Your store’s offerings must be tangible products that adhere to Instagram’s seller agreement and commercial regulations.
  • A business Instagram account is required.
  • Your company needs a Facebook page.
  • You can’t use Instagram without linking it to your Facebook album.
  • Navigate to your profile’s preferences.
  • Select Facebook and input your Facebook credentials under Account > Linked Accounts.

Create a catalogue on Facebook

You can now add your product catalogue if you match the aforementioned criteria. A Facebook catalogue is a digital stock of your goods that may be referenced in Instagram photos using hash tags. Here’s how to set up your Facebook store:

  • To access your online store, navigate to your Facebook business profile and select “Shop” from the sidebar.
  • Fill out the fields labelled “Catalogue Information,” “Business Name,” and “Product Information,” respectively.

  • Upload a product feed or enter goods one by one to populate your online store’s inventory.

Turn on Instagram’s shopping feature

After you’ve established your Facebook catalogue, you may enable Instagram Shopping by doing the following:

  • Click “Edit Profile” on your Instagram business account.
  • Choose “Set Up Instagram Shopping” under “Public Business Information”
  • Simply comply with the on-screen instructions to link your Instagram feed to your Facebook albums.
  • Following these procedures, Instagram will assess your account to verify it abides with their commercial guidelines. It may take a few days up to a few weeks for this evaluation to be completed.

Make shoppable social media postings

After you’ve enabled Instagram shopping and created a Facebook catalogue, you can begin tagging goods in your posts. Here’s how to make your social media posts shoppable:

  • Post an image or clip to your Instagram profile as you would normally.
  • To add a tag, go to the “Tag Products” tab and then choose the item from your Facebook catalogue.
  • After you’ve added a caption and any other pertinent details, hit the “Share” button.
  • Your followers’ feeds will now include your shoppable post, and they may buy the item by clicking on the tag.

Advertise your shoppable post

Once your shoppable article is put up, it has to be promoted so that it may reach more people and generate more revenue. You may enhance your items’ exposure and your platform sales by advertising your shoppable post. Here are some tips for generating interest in your Shoppable Post:

  • Your profile, click “Promote” under the relevant post.
  • Pick your demographic, spending limit, and time frame.
  • To begin promoting, click the “Create Promotion” button.

Keep an eye on your progress

You need to keep an eye on your Instagram sales and make modifications as necessary if you want to see the most success. Track the success of your shoppable posts with Instagram’s analytics and tweak your strategy as needed.

Navigate to your account and choose the “Insights” tab.
Click on the post you’re interested in reading more about.
Examine the post analytics, such as the number of impressions, interaction, and clicks.


Shoppable posts are a fantastic channel for local companies to market and sell their wares to their dedicated fan base. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to share exciting content about your items with your followers and worldwide audience, increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchase from you on the platform itself. Use high-quality images, interesting text, and Instagram Stories to promote your items and increase sales with shoppable posts.