How To Sell Your Product On Instagram?

Instagram is a versatile platform that can be used to showcase everything from a user’s latest wardrobe to a mouthwatering new dish or adorable pet photo. Online stores may also utilise Instagram to promote their wares. Here are some suggestions for making the most of Instagram as a sales tool. Like2Buy is a novel concept since it allows shoppers to click on a single link and be taken to a variety of product landing sites, all of which use the same Instagram photographs in their “Featured” and “My Likes” galleries. Because the photographs on Like2Buy are identical to those on Instagram, the user doesn’t even realise they’ve left the app. Although using Like2Buy is not free, the conversion rate from the Like2Buy landing page to individual product pages can be much higher than with a standard link. The target audience for Like2Buy right now consists of huge corporations with well-established brands that want to capitalise on their Instagram following. If your marketing budget doesn’t stretch to Like2Buy, or if your business is just starting started, there are other successful options you may utilise to increase your brand’s profile and followers on Instagram.


You may attract more viewers to your photos by using hashtags. Because Instagram users may search for certain hashtags, it’s important that your hashtag not only describes your product clearly, but is also a term or phrase that users frequently search for. Users may quickly locate all the images (or your items) related to a certain topic by clicking on the hashtag. You can also specify the precise coordinates of the photo’s original location. Make sure the toggle for “Add to your Photo Map” is engaged on the “Share Photo” screen. Your picture will be displayed on your map if you just utilise this. Type the address into the “Name this location” field to have it appear in the final product. By mining your phone’s information, Instagram can quickly pinpoint your current position. You may pick where you live based on your preference. This image will now be shown on your Photo Map and categorised with other images captured in the same area.

Link up the various social media sites

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are built to communicate and collaborate with one another to grow their collective influence.

Fill your images with discount codes

Promoting new products and services with special discount and coupon codes is a quick and easy approach to get followers and increase revenue. New consumers who were on the fence about making a purchase might be won over by offering free delivery or a discount on their total. Don’t forget to spread the word about your discount by using the hashtag #promocode. It’s a great strategy for luring in new clients and bargain-hunters.

Promote Brand-new items

Instagram is a fantastic platform for direct marketing, and you should definitely use it to spread the word about any new offerings you have.
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Apply Filters

The majority of Instagram users likely don’t give much thought to whatever filter they choose or how it can effect their audience. It seems that the lens through which you see interactions might make a difference. One’s target audience will naturally vary. Try using several filters to determine which one your audience prefers.

Do not press hard for the sale

Clients are perceptive, and they can tell when they’re being pitched or led to the close. Customers have no problem spending money, but they only buy from reliable vendors. Before you can ask someone to buy, you need to earn their trust.

Hot deal

A sense of urgency, which is what flash sales are all about, is a terrific method to boost revenue. For a limited time, you can provide a discounted rate. If you indicate you’re having a sale on Instagram but don’t specify when it will begin, your followers will have to keep checking back to find out.

Place photo competitions

They may be a light-hearted and inexpensive approach to engage potential clients. Ask customers to send in photos of themselves using your items, and include the finest ones on your website. Fans will be intrigued to return every day to discover who has won the picture contest. Create something light and entertaining, with a wonderful incentive for others to follow you.

Put your customers on display

Talk to your followers about their experiences as customers. It’s a great way to advertise your customer service skills and offer potential clients a taste of your business.

Listen to customer complaints

Consider the suggestions of your audience and make any required changes.
Share During Busy Times
Finding the optimal time to post depends on when your followers are most active. You can see when your followers are active online in relation to when you post content using the optimisation report in IconoSquare. The optimal times for your business to post will become clear to you.


Instagram is a great platform for promoting your brand at no cost. If you want to strengthen your brand and boost your sales, it’s worth your time to put up a gathering of your target audience. Instagram is great for promoting your business, but don’t limit yourself there. You must post frequently and actively interact with your readers. Make sure that you have a variety of posts in your gallery if you plan to utilise Instagram to promote your items for sale.