4 Easy Steps To Schedule Instagram Posts

Instagram is used by numerous brands and influencers as a means of social media advertising. Over a billion people use Instagram every month, and every business wants a piece of that action.

To do so, however, one must establish an authoritative Instagram profile and gain a sizable number of followers. In addition, you need to invest a lot of time and energy into the platform itself, as well as the material you provide with your audience.

Having a content strategy and plan in place is essential to keeping up an Instagram presence. Maintaining your visibility and popularity on the site requires a regular publishing plan and calendar.

Creating an editorial plan and publishing schedule for Instagram is emphasised here. We’ll also go through some of the benefits of using a social media posting tool to automate your Instagram schedule.

The Importance of Scheduling Instagram Posts

Instagram users who don’t post on a regular basis risk being seen as inactive. Maintain regularity in terms of when and how often you upload content. This lets your readers know when to look out for your next update and builds up excitement.

The most active Instagram users post often on a consistent schedule. This helps even more than just beating the existing algorithm that favours active accounts. If you want more people to see and interact with your posts, spread them out over the course of the week rather than publishing all three at once.

Furthermore, there are optimal times and days to post for maximum interaction. A recent study found that Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., are the optimal times to make Instagram posts.

For this reason, it’s crucial to plan out your Instagram content in advance and establish a regular posting schedule. We all know how difficult it can be to keep to a schedule when doing it manually.

Here’s when a tool like an automated post scheduler comes in handy. You may not be available to make posts at optimal times, but an automated system can help.

Why an Editorial Schedule Is Necessary?

Having learned the value of planning ahead and keeping to that plan, we can go on to discussing the value of an editorial calendar. To put it simply, an editorial calendar is a schedule that lays out in great detail which posts will go up on which days and at what times.

This includes deciding what you want to post and when in advance. A well-thought-out content plan is essential for establishing credibility on Instagram. Content, voice, brand aesthetics, and posting frequency should all be considered here.

After formulating an Instagram content strategy, the next step is to go to work on real content creation and scheduling. You can’t just make content and publish it every day. You should schedule posts a week or more in ahead, and have at least that many ready to go. In this way, your timetable won’t be disrupted for holidays or other unanticipated events.

The easiest method to be consistent is to use a content calendar that lists all the scheduled posts for a given time period in the future.

When and how to plan Instagram updates?

Schedule your posts to go live at the predetermined times and dates after you have your calendar prepared. You may plan ahead and have content automatically shared with the aid of a number of available internet tools. In the next paragraph, we’ll talk more about these resources.

Here, we will outline the fundamentals of scheduling Instagram posts, which can be applied to the vast majority of scheduling apps.

4 simple steps, you can plan out your Instagram posts in advance

Plan ahead and create your content

In order to schedule Instagram posts, you must first prepare the content to be posted. Everything associated with the media, such as the title, caption, hashtags, etc. Before submitting content to a scheduling app, make sure it’s in final publication form.

You may complete your posts with the help of the suggested hashtags provided by some of these programmes.

Submit the files in bulk

The next step is to bulk upload everything you’ve created over a certain time frame. It’s inefficient and time-consuming to upload each individual post manually. You may upload numerous posts at once using the bulk upload feature, which is included in the vast majority of scheduling systems.

Build a Waiting List

After you’ve added your content to the tool, schedule your posting times and dates. These must be entered manually before using the tool for the first time.

A fast queue based on your chosen publishing schedule may be made with most programmes with some practise. Because of this, you may save a lot of time by not manually scheduling your Instagram posts.

Automatically release content on predetermined schedules

Any scheduling programme, after you’ve formed a queue, will automatically publish your posts at the times and dates you choose. If you utilise a solid scheduling application, scheduling Instagram posts is as easy as that.


If you want to be successful on Instagram, you need a content strategy and publishing schedule. In order to gain a loyal following, you must consistently provide valuable and interesting information.

You need to be consistently active on Instagram if you want to grow your audience and fan base. You may accomplish this task more efficiently with the aid of a social media scheduling and publishing tool.

If you want to establish your brand on Instagram, you should use the method outlined in this piece. It will help you become and stay popular on Instagram while saving you time and effort.