Posting Videos To Your Instagram Story From YouTube

If you want to gain more views out of your YouTube videos, you should learn how to share them on Instagram Story.

To keep user engagement high without spending time or money on fresh content creation, sharing YouTube videos on Instagram Stories is a fantastic strategy.

Is it possible to post a video from YouTube to Instagram?

You may send someone an embedded YouTube video using the native app’s messaging system. (DM). The YouTube URL may also be copied and pasted into a post’s caption.

You can’t post YouTube videos as clips through the app itself, but you may use third-party apps to save the video and then post it on Instagram.

Why post films from YouTube to Instagram?

Instagram videos are a key component in the platform’s ability to attract and retain users. However, it may be time-consuming to produce professional-quality films.

While you’re working on unique material for your client’s Instagram account, you can keep their audience engaged by sharing videos from other producers. Even if your content staff is having trouble keeping up with the timetable, this will maintain engagement levels high.

Sharing the work of prominent YouTube producers is another way to connect with them. Give them credit where it’s due and write a thoughtful comment about their work.

Teasers of your clients’ YouTube videos may now be posted on Instagram Stories. Your client’s YouTube channel will gain a tonne of attention and viewers as a result of this.

The Top Instagram Video Sharing Tools from YouTube

In order to embed YouTube videos on Instagram, you’ll need the proper software.

If you’re looking for alternatives to, these programmes will do the trick and more.

1. Vista Social

Direct posting for Instagram Reels is available in Vista Social, a full-featured social media management tool.

Vista Social allows you to publish YouTube videos on Instagram at the most optimal times for your intended audience. Not only can you monitor user behaviour on Instagram, but also across many social media channels with this tool.

2. Second, KineMaster

If you want to edit and improve your YouTube videos, go no further than KineMaster, a powerful video editor. It’s cross-platform compatibility makes downloading YouTube videos for Instagram a breeze on both Android and iOS smartphones.

3. Application for documenting computer gameplay (iOS)

The easiest and safest way to download videos from YouTube is to use the screen recording function that comes standard with Apple’s iOS. This method renders a separate YouTube downloader unnecessary.

Keep in mind that some of the most advanced Android smartphones have comparable capabilities. To find out how to do anything particular with your phone, look it up on the manufacturer’s site or in the handbook.


Instead of SSYouTube, you could try It’s a no-cost, web-based service for downloading videos from YouTube.

Downloads from YouTube are exported in MP4 format when using, which is wonderful for compatibility. Be aware of intrusive full-screen advertisements that slow down the tool.

5. Vista Social will help your Instagram marketing soar.

Use the all-in-one social media management software Vista Social to its full potential by scheduling YouTube videos as Reels or feed updates.

With Vista Social, you can easily monitor when your target demographic is most active on social media and schedule posts accordingly. It also provides suggested hashtags with a single click to increase the reach of your posts.