An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Story Ads

While Instagram’s introduction of Stories about a year ago has been met with criticism for supposedly mimicking Snapchat, it has, without question, revolutionised and enhanced the storytelling capabilities of both users and companies. Instagram is a great platform for companies to communicate their story on because they already have a sizable audience there and don’t have to convince them to switch to another network to do so.

Instagram now supports both organic and paid advertising on Stories

Advertisers may use Facebook Business Manager, the same tool they use to make standard Facebook and Instagram advertising, to develop and deploy ads for these stories.
Brands can make a great first impression on their ideal customers by using Instagram stories. It’s fun, interactive, and relaxed, making it ideal for introducing potential customers to your company.

Creating creative that compels users to keep scrolling is the first step in making your advertising noticeable in Instagram stories.

No Talent For Visual Arts? Make Good Use Of The Tools At Your Disposal!

Many popular companies have achieved success by making use of features already built into the software. Put some emoticons or stickers on your Instagram photo for more flair. The fact that it will blend in better with Instagram stories and not interfere with the user’s experience is a major plus.

Whether you’re using a still image or a short clip for your campaign, a few well-placed emojis may do wonders for its appeal and depth.

Just Be Yourself

Maintain a finger on the pulse of the kind of tales being shared by your target audience. You want to get people’s attention, but you don’t want to lose them by posting things that don’t fit in with the Instagram story format.

If you design your Instagram post to look like a natural Instagram story, users are less likely to ignore it. Use handwritten text to avoid being too commercial and provide a sense of personalization.

For instance, Marc Jacobs fragrances employs visuals that are comparable to those seen on the brand’s feed but do not replicate it word for word.

Make Use Of Swaying Factors

Use influencer-sourced photos and videos in your social media posts if your company engages in influencer outreach. This will prevent the advertisement from coming across as impersonal and robotic.
Brand exposure is greatly aided by influencers, who frequently have an easy time communicating with your ideal customers.

Use caution when integrating these advertisements without the owner’s express consent.

Be sure it’s a natural progression of your Instagram’s organic content

Does your company’s Instagram account follow a very certain style? Which emojis do you regularly use? Keep your brand’s voice consistent in your tales so that consumers who click through to your profile will get a good sense of who you are. If your advertising don’t reflect your brand’s values and personality, people may be misled into visiting your profile or website with the wrong expectations.

Your Instagram Stories shouldn’t be carbon copies of your feed posts, but they should enhance your brand’s identity when taken together. Don’t assume that a trend will be beneficial for your brand just because it has been successful for another.

Make good use of the expanded viewing area

Instagram advertisements for tales differ greatly from Instagram ads for the feed since stories take up a lot more room. A full-screen, interactive ad is a great way to get people interested in what you have to offer. You may give them a more comprehensive introduction to your brand with this expanded area.
By making an ad that makes people feel something, you can hold their attention for at least 15 seconds, even if there are other things going on around them. While Instagram’s story format may appear restrictive at first, careful planning and execution will allow you to make the most of every available square inch.

  • Use content or engaging images to draw the reader in.
  • Add a call to action to get people to visit your page.
  • Don’t be hesitant to be explicit; pointing out the next step you want people to do might increase your chances of getting a click.

Utilize All Available Media Formats, Especially Audio!

Facebook states that most people go to watch stories with the intention of being absorbed in content, therefore they offer a unique canvas for you to put your ads on. Recent research indicates that when users select on the “watch with sound” option, they intend to be fully immersed in the content.

Including audio in your video increases the likelihood that viewers will pay attention to what you have to say. Include everything you think would pique their interest; music, dialogue, or sound effects.