The 2023 Instagram Data You Should know

Number of Instagram Users:

By learning how users see and interact with Instagram, you can better design strategies for reaching out to them. Take a look at these numbers about Instagram users to get a clearer picture:

Almost all Instagram users also frequent other social media sites
We Are Social reports that just 0.1% of Instagram users are truly original. Many people access it in addition to other social networking sites including Facebook (82.9% of users), YouTube (75.5%), and TikTok (52.2% of users). That’s why it’s so important for your company to have a great cross-platform marketing plan.

  • Two-fifths of Instagram’s American users trust the service to keep their information private.
  • Insider Intelligence conducted a survey that revealed a dramatic decline in users’ faith in social media in the year 2022. In the United States, only 25% of Instagram users agree that the app takes precautions to keep their personal information secure. Because of this, it ranks among the least reliable social networking sites. Nonetheless, it has more users than Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok combined.

The most popular pastime is posting and sharing movies and pictures.
DataReportal found that 69.7% of Instagram’s audience regularly posts or shares media. This is the most popular thing to do on the site, which may point to a need or desire for people to have a voice.

In terms of customer care, it ranks number four among the most popular channels.
Instagram is becoming increasingly popular as a customer service tool on social media. According to the Sprout Social Index for 2022, 35% of American customers use Instagram for support. This makes it, behind Facebook, the second-most-used channel for interacting with customers.

Instagram has 2 billion active users per month.

According to the most recent stats, Instagram has 2 billion active users every single month. While not on par with Facebook, this is nevertheless massive for commercial enterprises. It implies that you have access to a target audience of billions. These Instagram users have the potential to become dedicated customers if you take the time to develop an effective strategy to increase your following.

The average daily use time for an American adult is thirty minutes
Video-sharing websites like YouTube and TikTok have exploded in popularity in the past few years. People are still investing a considerable amount of time into the social media platform Instagram. The average American adult spends 30.1% of their day on the site.

Younger demographics are Instagram’s primary user base.
Users between the ages of 18 and 34 make up the bulk of the platform’s user base. Over 60% of Instagram’s user base consists of people in these age ranges. Therefore, if your intended audience is made up of young people and Millennials, this platform is a great choice.

Men outnumber women who utilise it.

Instagram only tracks male and female users for gender statistics. Furthermore, the data shows that men make up a somewhat larger percentage of users (51.8% vs. 48.2%) than women do. The gap isn’t huge, though, so the platform isn’t better suited to reaching men in general.

The United States & Pakistan has the largest number of consumers.
Instagram, like many other social media sites, is dominated by users in India. There are 229.5 million Instagram users in the nation. In second place, with 149.35 million users, is the United States.

People’s interest in a brand is piqued when they see an ad for it on Instagram.
Data from within Instagram suggests that half of users are influenced more positively towards a company after seeing an ad for it on the platform. This demonstrates how effective Instagram ads can be for businesses.

The CTR for advertisements in the Feed is greater than that of ads in the Stories.
According to Brafton, the click-through rate (CTR) for Instagram feed advertising is between 0.22% and 0.88%. In contrast, the CTR for advertising in Stories ranges from 0.33% to 0.54%. According to the data, in-feed advertisements are more likely to get clicks than Stories advertisements. You might, however, try out various ad spots to discover which ones resonate more with your target demographic.

The CPC for Instagram is the highest of any social media platform.
When compared to other social media sites, Instagram may have a leg up when it comes to user participation. However, this will increase your expenses, especially for marketing. While Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all have CPCs around $2, Instagram’s averages out at a staggering $3.56.

Depending on audience size, conversion rates might be as high as 2.6 percent.
Instagram accounts with more followers also have a better conversion rate. The study discovered an interesting correlation between brand size and reach rate: smaller brands had a greater reach rate than larger brands.

The percentage of people who see a story is falling.

The analysis by Rival IQ found that the Instagram story reach rate dropped from 2021 to 2022. This decrease is uniform for the next several sizes up. The loss was steepest for businesses with over 100,000 followers, and smallest for those with under 10,000. From 2021 to 2022, their Story audience reach decreased from 5.4% to 4.8%.

When the amount of images in a story grows, people remember less of it.
According to the same analysis from Rival IQ, the success of your Instagram Story depends on how many photos and videos you share. After the sixth scene, viewers are less likely to remember what happened in the story.

The most common story length is a few short chapters.
People are mainly interested in quick stories that can be read in one sitting. Consumers are drawn to Stories that combine visuals with text 35% of the time. Stories that included interactive elements like polls and quizzes also did well.