6 Instagram Reels Ideas To Build Your Business

 Reels likes increase

With one billion monthly active users on Instagram, it is the perfect place for businesses to promote their business or services. As a business, staying in front of your customers is essential to drive traffic and sales. Instagram reels have become a successful marketing tool for businesses to boost engagement and build connections with their audience. 

Instagram reels allow you to share 15 to 30-second shorts with sound and effects. If you have an Instagram public account, any other user on Instagram can make a video with your soundtrack. Reels appear in the Instagram reels tab and the explore tab on Instagram. Are you thinking about how to use Instagram reels to promote your business? Here I’ll share some great ideas for creating Instagram reels for your business. 

Idea 1: Know How Instagram Reels Algorithm Works

The Instagram algorithm shows a video to a user based on their previously watched videos. For example, if a user watches a beauty-related video, they will get more reel videos about health and beauty. This example will help you to understand how Instagram reels algorithm works. 

Creating visually appealing trending songs and the right hashtag are the best way to gain likes, comments, and shares for your Instagram reels. The more you share engaged reels, the more it will reach a wider audience to expand your business awareness. 

Idea 2: Use Trending Audio In Reels

If you scroll through Instagram for 5 minutes, you’ll find many users have used the same sound in their videos. Reels sounds on Instagram are snippets of audio or sounds from other creators’ videos. Using trending songs on reels will help you to gain popularity and boost your reel’s video engagement. 

Instagram reels that include trending and appropriate audio help businesses to skyrocket their reach and engagement. There are several other elements to make your reels likes increase such as recommended size of reels, filters, effects etc.

that can largely impact brand visibility in a short time. When you receive more engagement for your reels video, it helps your business to generate more traffic and sales.

Idea 3: Add Title And Cover Photo

Adding eye catchy titles and attractive cover photo Instagram reels is the best way to attract an audience. Uploading an excellent cover photo will tempt your audience to click the video to watch. 

As a business, design a cover photo for your brand using canva to grow a new audience to your profile and to increase your business reach among a wider audience.

Idea 4: Post Reels Consistently

Posting videos regularly is the best thing to improve your page performance or business awareness across the wider platform. Additionally, sharing videos consistently will make your audience connect with your brand regularly. 

Check Instagram analytics to see your audience’s active time on Instagram. After finding the peak time, post videos consistently to give your audience fresh things about your business. The more you share your reel videos, the more engagement you will receive for your post. 

Idea 5: Collab With Other Creators

Instagram recently added a new feature called “Collabs.” It lets you share credit with other users and allows them to share the Instagram reels from their page. If you are working with influencers and brand partners, the collab feature is a game changer to boost your business reach. 

How to use Collabs

Step 1: Create an Instagram reel and choose “Tag People”

Step 2: Next, Invite a collaborator

Step 3: Select the user who you mention in your reel video

Once the user has accepted your collabs invitation, the reels will slow in the Instagram reels tab in their account. With this, you can promote your business reach to various users on Instagram. 

Wrapping Up

Many brands and businesses use Instagram reels to promote their product and build a strong relationship with their audience. So choosing Instagram reels for your business is a great idea, but if you want to generate more traffic and sales, you need to follow the right strategies. Use these above steps in your reels marketing strategy to increase your business visibility on the wider platform.