Instagram: A Brand’s Social Media Marketing Gold Mine

Instagram’s Marketing Potential in the Context of Social Media

Instagram is still one of the most widely used channels for advertising on the web. Hubspot claims that the social network outranks Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest in terms of monthly active members, with over 500 million. In addition to having a big user base, the site sees everyday usage from 60% of account holders, with 55% of young adults visiting numerous times per day.

Instagram Advice: How to Write Engaging Posts for Social Media Ads

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If you want your social media marketing efforts to succeed, follow these Instagram suggestions.

  1. Create a brand identity. When posting to Instagram, how will you want your brand to be represented? Will all of your posts have the same style? Set the guidelines for your design and stick to them. According to Hubspot,

  • Research conducted on 8 million Instagram pictures found that monochromatic visuals received 17% more Likes than multicoloured visuals.
  • More negative space in an image results in 29% more Likes compared to the same quantity of positive space.
  • There is a 24% increase in the number of “Likes” for blue-dominated pictures compared to red-dominated ones.

2. Develop a timetable. You shouldn’t just wing it when planning your social media marketing approach. Make a schedule for when you will post changes. Not only will this keep you on schedule, but it will also help you remember special dates like vacations and anniversaries. Maintaining a regular publishing schedule is also beneficial. Planning your post subjects in preparation will give you something to work from as you create the real updates.

3. Organize your material. Make sure the final pictures are sharp, clear, and appealing, whether you capture them yourself or use a tool like Canva to design them. One of the best ways to create material for Instagram is to consider who you’re posting for. Is the information you’re giving them helpful? Can they relate to it and see the personality of your company reflected in it? Also, before posting any photos online, make sure you have the proper permissions to do so.

4. Put comments to good use. However, the caption is your chance to share a story and/or include a call to action for your fans. Get creative and use it to your advantage. You can also encourage people to like your picture by asking them to “double-tap” it or by including a link to more information in your description.

5. Make use of narratives in your campaign. Instagram Stories are the time-limited photo and video clips that appear at the very top of a user’s stream. They show briefly after a user clicks on them before rotating to the next one. Hootsuite reports that “a third of the most viewed Stories are posted by businesses,” and Hubspot says that “businesses that are on Instagram get up to 37 percent of their total impressions from Instagram Stories.” This makes Instagram Stories a great tool to incorporate into your social media marketing strategy. In addition, if your follower count is over 10,000, you’ll be able to add clickable links to your Stories, making it even simpler for your followers to access your website and make a purchase.

6. remind you to identify. You can increase your exposure by tagging other users and your area. In reality, there is a 79% increase in engagement on posts that include a location identifier compared to posts without a location tag. Include the address of your company’s main office or another suitable place.

7. Talk to your audience. Keep in mind that fostering interpersonal relationships is central to successful social media marketing. Engage with the Instagram community by following other users, liking and commenting on relevant posts, and reposting interesting photographs you’ve found. (make sure you get permission first). Another suggestion is to look for brand-related keywords and then like and remark on posts that appear as a result.

Exhibit more than just your wares. Users of Instagram will unfollow a business that constantly tries to sell them something. Products and/or services are in addition to:

  • Highlight your team and/or your customers.
  • Post encouraging words or useful advice.
  • Share some information about the inner workings of your company.
  • Advocate for reliable and enjoyable company associates

Instagram Advice: Put Your Hashtags to Work

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Hashtags should be incorporated into your social media marketing plan.
To increase awareness of your business on Instagram, hashtags are essential. Instagram is the one social media platform where we feel comfortable using more than three captions in a single post. You can use up to 30 hashtags per message on this site, so make good use of them! You can escape Instagram’s shadowban by making sure each picture is unique and fitting the post’s theme.