Everything You Need To Know: Instagram Content Strategy

Instagram has become the social networking platform of choice for today’s youth. Its success on Facebook has led to widespread recognition.

It would be foolish to ignore Instagram if you plan on building a recognisable brand or commercial enterprise.

Consistent posting is essential to succeeding at Instagram marketing and branding.

However, it can be challenging to create aesthetically pleasing original material that is consistent with your brand value. The creative process is rife with stumbling blocks, just like any other kind of work.

Play some footage from off camera

People are drawn to and stuck together by voyeurism. This is because viewers easily identify with and feel at home in voyeuristic content because of its relatability and rawness.

This is why voyeuristic content like vlogs and reality TV draws in so many viewers.

Vagarism’s benefits might be used to your advantage in your Instagram marketing approach by providing exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

You may simply compile a large amount of timely information to share, and in the process, become closer to your audience.

In addition, you show potential buyers and clients how your products and services are made.

Show live how-to videos

People will always be interested in learning new skills, therefore DIY guides will remain popular. Do-it-yourself lessons are an effective means of connecting with clients on a more personal level and offering them real value.

You can get a decent idea of how people feel about your brand by monitoring the number of viewers and reading their comments in real time during a live broadcast.

Live broadcasts are also a great way to collect material for subsequent use in complete videos or shorter clips on Instagram.

Use hot topics and turn them into blog entries

Check out the latest social media trends. The news or a hashtag could be the source.

Make sure the content flows naturally, regardless of the subject matter. Never share content that goes against your values, and never use a hashtag inappropriately just because it’s popular.

Don’t forget any important dates

You shouldn’t look at these updates as filler.

Connecting with your audience can be facilitated by the sharing of posts on public holidays, national holidays, festivals, and others.

Sharing content like this demonstrates that you value and appreciate other people’s cultural practises.

If you’re aiming for a worldwide readership. Create a calendar of all the significant dates in the following two months and share it on Instagram.

Promote your goods and services through memes

Memes can take the form of anything from pictures and videos to pieces of text and entire websites, and they typically have a funny tone while conveying stereotypical social and behavioural norms.

That implies the message and delivery of memes are crucial, and have a major effect on society at large.

Once you get the hang of it, creating them is a breeze, and there are free online tools to help you out. Memes can be very effective in the business world.
Sixth, work with influential people to spread the word about your product.

Karen Sarah Gonzalez, a top beauty influencer with almost 5 million Instagram subscribers (as of 9/9/20), has been recruited by Estee Lauder, a leading makeup and skincare brand, to promote their new line of goods.
It’s not necessary to always go for the people who have millions of people listening to them. All influencers specialise in a certain field and charge a set rate per post. Which influencers you use depends on the nature of your business.

For instance, CaseApp is a web shop where you can design your own phone case and computer skin.

Add Content Curation Into Your Process

You can avoid starting from scratch sometimes. Learn how to curate content effectively.

In this section, you will learn how to curate information from the web and upload it to your Instagram accounts.

If you’re going to use the third-party content verbatim, you need to give them the credit they deserve. In order to repurpose it in line with your brand and avoid looking like a complete copy-and-paste job, it is recommended that you add some of your own material to it.

Towels from the Onsen brand are manufactured in Lehi, Utah. Towels are a great example of a benign product that can be successfully marketed and sold using Instagram.

Devote greater energy to promoting user-generated content

With user-generated content, you can accomplish two goals at once. Gathering creative, commercial material is a challenge, but user-generated content helps with that, and it also provides social proof.

Your brand’s authority will rise as more and more customers share their (hopefully positive) experiences with your company through social media.

Host or take part in online competitions

You may even create your own online challenge that is both memorable and meaningful. There is a delay though. So, join in with the current wave of challenges.

This will aid in content production, boost your visibility and readership, and give your brand a more authoritative air.

In 2020, for instance, the internet was all abuzz about the Dalgona Coffee Challenge. And many companies used it in their Instagram marketing campaigns.

Use photo essays to your advantage

The picture of a Latina mom and her sleepwear-clad little girl appears in the New York Times.
This touching photo is accompanied by a news article detailing the situation of Latin American pupils and their efforts to continue their education despite the pandemic. A “link in bio” directs viewers to the main article after the caption concludes.

Companies can also employ this strategy whenever they have a tale to tell. People might be directed to your blogs or other promotional content.