Tips For Using Instagram Into Your Advertising Campaign

Marketers that want to see success for their company must be nimble enough to adjust with the winds of fashion.

The same holds true for advertising on social media platforms. I’m not promising to change the face of social media advertising with this piece. However, it will undoubtedly corroborate your current assumptions about the future of the prevailing patterns and methods.

In this post, I’ll discuss the tools you’ll need to successfully promote on Instagram.

Omnicore reports that since its debut in 2010, Instagram has amassed over 600 million active members, making it the second most popular social network in terms of daily unique visitors (behind only Facebook).

Recognise your target demographic

Knowing one’s target market is a crucial part of every marketer’s duties.

If you don’t know who you’re selling to, how can you make a sale? That’s your suggestion, right?
My advice is to engage with the individuals who are already following you, whether that’s 5, 500, or 5,000. As frequently and individually as possible.

Get them to post responses or give you direct messages about things you wish to highlight.

Involving them in the narrative like this can help you gauge their level of interest.

Interviewing readers on your blog is another great way to engage with them.

My second piece of advice for getting to know your target demographic is to have a peek at the profiles of the people who already follow you.

This gives you a greater opportunity to show your interest in their content by leaving thoughtful comments on their images and videos.

These are the two approaches I found most useful while investigating potential customers for my company and for my personal blog.

Discover your calling.

For what purpose are you making use of this medium? This is the first thing you should consider when developing an Instagram marketing plan for your company.

After deciding who you want to reach and why, we may examine the best Instagram marketing approaches for you to use.

To better describe your company’s culture, products, and people behind the scenes, you can use the features Instagram is currently offering to demonstrate your own creativity in developing a visual strategy for your brand. After all, Instagram is all about sharing experiences through photos and videos.

Whether you’re marketing an IT product, a fashion product, or a service, your content strategy should always begin with your imagination.

Let’s take a look at how we might include Instagram’s tools into our advertising plan:

Try These Instagram Tools Out

Picture Ads

Let’s begin with Instagram’s primary function, which is to allow users to share photos and apply filters to them in order to convey a sense of place and time. The app’s name, INSTAgram, presumably comes from this feature. As time went on, the app’s primary use shifted from capturing fleeting moments to sharing nostalgic stories and promotional content.

Instagram Ads, which are connected to Facebook Ads, are one of the advertising options provided by the app. To boost sales, you can do more than just post product photographs; you may also build advertising in which you can categorise goods and include clickable links to your website.

Promotional Stories for Instagram

Ads for Instagram tales, consisting of 15 seconds of video or still images that appear between the tales your followers view on a daily basis, have been available since the app’s debut earlier this year.

Facebook claims that this ad format is the first to support full-screen 9:16 videos on the Instagram app.

Businesses who have used these adverts report increased profits.

Instagram has stated that in the future, targets such as website clicks, web conversions, mobile app installations, and others would be available for Instagram Stories advertising, which are already a wonderful method to increase brand recognition.

Plethora of visuals

Multiple photo and video support is another feature I enjoy and find useful. In a single update, you can include up to ten media files. I suggest reading this post if you want to learn more about the process.

Reach out to key opinion leaders.

Using Instagram influencers to promote your goods and develop a creative campaign that fits both your and their aesthetics is another strategy to increase brand awareness and exposure.

The latest fashion is for companies to team up with “regular” individuals who trust them and have likely tried their product on their own.

Taggable Items

In the last year, Instagram has followed the lead of other social media platforms by introducing a new tool that enables publishers to tag things in the photographs they upload, ultimately leading the viewer to the website where they may purchase the item in question.

In doing so, Instagram is taking a positive step towards encouraging firms to utilise the platform for promoting items and facilitating easier and more enjoyable product discovery for its users.


It goes without saying that a company’s goals and methods should be tailored to its specific customer base. Therefore, I advise reviewing your company’s profile and the reason for your Instagram marketing plan. In order to get the most out of the platform, you need to know what you want to do with it.