An Ultimate Guide: How To Gain More Instagram Following?

Some tiny businesses see enormous success on Instagram, quickly amassing thousands of followers. If you’re looking to expand your Instagram audience, you’ll find some useful hints in this piece, which analyses the fastest-growing accounts among Tailwind’s 100,000 users.

The challenge of increasing one’s Instagram following is likely familiar to anyone who has ever owned or marketed a small business. When you’re first getting started with Instagram, it can be discouraging to know that your posts will only reach a small percentage of Instagram users. Instagram is massive and expanding, and its users engage with postings at an astounding pace compared to those on other social media platforms.

Lessons Thimblepress Can Teach Us to Liven Things Up with Colour and Laughter

The Thimblepress make every day appear like a celebration. While not everyone is in the business of selling party favours and decorations, that doesn’t mean we can’t all share in the joy of life through carefully curated Instagram posts. Colourful, upbeat, and happy photographs and captions predominate among the fastest-growing Instagram profiles among Tailwind users.

Join forces with complementary companies to reach your target audience
Exhibit your goods in creative, engaging ways.

Thimblepress does a fantastic job of coming up with interesting and novel ways to promote their wares. Here, instead of the customary bright backgrounds, they use a black one to demonstrate how their confetti push-ups may look at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Encourage your Instagram followers to tag their pals in your posts

Increasing your Instagram followers in this manner is highly recommended. Here, Thimblepress appeals directly to its target market by asking readers to share with their closest friends. Tagging friends who might be interested in the products being presented in the photo and following Thimblepress is a highly efficient form of advertising. An excellent strategy for expanding your Instagram audience.
Thimblepress is putting in long hours researching companies that resonate with their Instagram followers. As an illustration, Thimblepress collaborated with Speak Wines to produce a small batch of drinks that are perfect complements to the events for which Thimblepress stationery is typically utilised.

Speak Wines shared information about the product on Instagram as well, so it’s possible that the two companies’ audiences and sales were expanded thanks to cross-promotion. Both of them undoubtedly gained a few new Instagram followers as a result.

Hold Competitions

Instagram posts announcing contests frequently receive the most comments from Tailwind users. Where do I begin? Easy! Give away an attractive reward in exchange for a profile like, a post like, and the @ mention of a single buddy to enter. Hundreds, if not thousands, of new Instagram followers can be gained with the right incentive, photo, and audience engagement. Keep doing contests like these on a regular basis, but don’t overwhelm your audience with too many.

Adhere to a standard

By always featuring the same model in front of the same seasonally suitable backdrop, Bella Ella Boutique has built a rather consistent visual design. Because of their consistent schedule of three to four posts per day, every day, their audience always knows what to expect from them. With a scheduling app like Tailwind for Instagram, you can easily maintain a regular publishing schedule on Instagram. In just an hour or so, marketers may schedule content to be published over the course of a week.

It’s worth it to spend a bit on professional photography.

Bella Ella has made a brilliant decision by spending money on original material. The cost per post and the time spent scheduling can be drastically reduced if hundreds of photographs (and possibly video) are taken all at once, the finest of which are then turned into fifty or more posts.

Don’t Try to Blend In (with the Crowded Market)

The Instagram feed for Gardens of the Sun is consistently beautiful. Meri Geraldine, the store’s owner, has developed a breathtakingly appealing visual aesthetic by emphasising the jewelry’s features and drawing the viewer’s attention there by blurring the background.

Participation creates a virtuous cycle

We saw how the Instagram algorithm rewards photos that have early engagement in our earlier piece about increasing your number of likes on Instagram.

“The main thing I’ve been seeing is that increased engagement leads to more engagement,” as stated by Meri. More of your Instagram followers will see your most popular posts if they have liked and commented on them, and Instagram may even promote you to the explore page of the friends of your current followers or of individuals who follow related pages. In the long run, increased interaction will also bring in new devotees. You need a lot of comments and shares in the first few hours after posting for your content to get traction.

Spend some time crafting vivid descriptions

Your descriptions need your attention too. Gardens of the Sun takes great care to describe each piece of jewellery and each snapshot they share on Instagram. Through the aforementioned example, Meri asks her fans to imagine how she may re-arrange this “sapphire slice” (excellent metaphor).