The Natural Methods to Expand Your Instagram Following

A successful Instagram strategy should prioritise organic expansion. This indicates that people are aware of your brand and are making a conscious decision to follow it. Your retention rates will be higher, and your prospective customers’ propensity to buy will increase.

So how exactly can one get this illusive organic expansion? These are only six methods among many others that may help you achieve your goal.

Tool Up

The most successful Instagram users know the value of employing organisational, follower-finding, and promotional tools.
Get things rolling with a trusted Instagram follower app. Discovering genuine Instagram users to follow is a breeze with this handy tool. For locating influential people who can spread the word about your brand, it’s invaluable.

Tools such as an editorial calendar, content planner, organiser, photo editor, analytics, contests, competitor tracking, and so on will also come in handy. What you can accomplish with the correct resources at your disposal is quite astounding.

Dot your post with hashtags

Hashtags are a great technique to gain a natural following on social media. Hashtags are used to organise content on Instagram and make it more discoverable by followers. You should pick trending hashtags for the most exposure.

SocialMediaExaminer’s Julia McCoy suggests conducting a search for one of your hashtags and then perusing the Top Posts results to gain insight into how other users are incorporating hashtags into their own content. Don’t just copy and paste a string of hashtags from a post if you go this method. Keep in mind who you’re talking to and only employ appropriate hashtags.

Use as many as thirty hashtags if you like. Avoid overusing hashtags and instead use them sparingly in genuine posts. If you don’t want your article to seem spammy, the remainder may go in the comments.

Maintain Coherence

To get Instagram followers organically, consistency is key.

Mason Woodruff, the blogger behind MasonFit, claims that he wouldn’t have attracted a thousand readers so quickly if he hadn’t been consistent. This increase was the result of “consistency,” which I define as “the steady grind of providing material every day and steadily enhancing the quality of the content.”

Establish a routine of daily content publication, prioritising items that your intended audience will find most interesting. Maintaining coherence across different aspects of your brand is also crucial. Your brand’s voice and personality should be consistent and comforting to your target audience. If you don’t, you risk losing your audience and never building a lasting brand.

Participate Actively with Your Audience

Don’t just type “thanks” in response to comments on your blog; show some personality! Paul Potratz urged his readers in a Forbes piece to engage with their audience whenever possible. When it comes to user engagement, “human connection is no Instagram trick.” Instagram “likes” are available for purchase, but genuine interaction with your target audience is priceless.

In addition, he suggests using photos with people in them as a hack. They increase the likelihood of interaction with a photo by over 40% compared to those without captions. It offers a human factor that makes your viewers instantly want to connect with you.

Potratz also suggests keeping in touch with all of these people by reading their feeds and leaving comments on their profiles. Social media is a two-way street, so if you want more people to follow you and see your handle, you need to interact with other people’s stuff.

Marketing guru Neil Patel recommends this approach as one of the most effective means of boosting participation. According to his findings, for every 100 likes, you’ll gain 6.1 new followers.

To do this, one must conform to established norms. Following everyone who follows you is the simplest technique to increase the number of individuals who follow you.

Aim for Glory in Your Captions

Instagram’s success may be directly attributed to the platform’s emphasis on visual content. An interesting photo will get people to look at your Instagram profile, but it’s the text that will really make an impact.

You may use as many words as you need to tell a tale with your captions. Information presented in the form of a tale, according to Danielle DiFabrizio of SavvySisterMedia, may make your followers feel more connected to your brand and more willing to read the information you put out.

Occasionally, the picture’s description will only need a few words to convey the entire story. Write a lengthy caption if you like; just make sure to divide it up with appropriate paragraph breaks or divisions to make it more readable.

Captions should reflect your brand’s character and personality, but the CTA should not be overlooked. You shouldn’t spend effort on crafting the ideal caption if your fans are just going to ignore it, as DiFabrizio puts it. 

Hold Contests with Free Prizes

A freebie is a tried-and-true method of attracting readers to your site. If executed properly, this tactic may be highly effective in attracting new and retaining existing, highly-engaged fans.

The item itself is the foundation of a successful gift. Make a prize that your fans will really want to win. Keep in mind that you aren’t attempting to win over the whole population of the Earth, but rather, just those who have a genuine interest in what you have to offer. Think about what it is they desire and design a deal around it.

Afterwards, you may promote everyone’s submission to attract additional viewers. Invite each existing follower to tag someone who might like the giveaway, and anybody who wins must be a follower. Naturally, this will result in additional followers.