Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Story Highlights

When someone visits your Instagram page, what do they see first?

Include a link to your profile directly underneath the Instagram Stories highlights, one of the app’s most essential features.

They are shown prominently on your profile and serve as excellent indications of your brand’s identity. You can leverage the greatest Instagram stories as social evidence of the excellence of your company by resharing them with your followers and creating a perfect showcase of user-generated content.

Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours, however your Story Highlights can remain on your profile indefinitely. This is why it’s important to give some thought to how you’ll use them to market your business.

What exactly are Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories are only available for 24 hours. The Instagram Highlights feature allows users to select and save certain stories, which may then be displayed as profile pins. You can now choose how long your Instagram Stories disappear once they have been posted.

Instagram Highlights allow users to compile related tales in a custom tab on their accounts.

After publishing an Instagram story, you have the choice of saving it in a Highlight (similar to a folder) that will appear on your profile, or you may enable the Archive feature, which will automatically preserve your stories and allow you to generate highlights from them in the future.

The Highlights are characterised mostly by:

  • Features a customizable cover wherein an image or symbol depicting the general theme of the tales stored within may be uploaded;
  • You may give your Highlight a name, much like a file folder, by clicking the “Name” button.
  • After you’ve made any Highlights, you’ll see them on your Instagram profile screen, beneath your bio and profile picture.

When it comes to social media, the question is, “How do I make an Instagram highlight?”

You may make Instagram Story Highlights in one of two ways:

  • Construct a Highlight from the Current Narrative – Create a post and store it in a Highlight
  • If you have the Archive feature turned on, your tales will be saved automatically in your archive area; from there, you may select which ones to compile into a Highlight at a later time.

What makes Instagram’s highlights so noteworthy, number three?

One of the most popular ways for businesses to reach their target audiences and get tangible results from their digital marketing campaigns is through Instagram Stories. Knowing how to use Instagram stories for business might give you a leg up on the competition in your marketing efforts in 2020.

The Highlights function is crucial for community managers and digital marketers because it allows them to archive professionally created narrative videos or photographs for future followers to see at any time.

Icons and covers for Instagram Stories Highlights: how to add them?

You’ll find that the featured photos on the covers of the stories you’ve chosen to feature in that Highlight. This guide, however, will teach you how to alter the covers of Highlights magazines without revealing any of the stories within.

Please save the icon photos to your phone’s camera roll before proceeding.

To make changes to a Highlight, open your profile and hover over it with your finger.
Choose Edit > Highlight > Cover
Pick the picture from your gallery.
Press the 5 to confirm. Creating Cover Icons for Instagram Highlights

You can make your own custom icons for your Instagram stories at no additional cost, just as you can with your regular Instagram posts.

I think Canva is the best tool for this task.

It’s a simple programme with a library of icons you may use again and again to design unique covers for your Instagram highlights.

If you follow the instructions below, you’ll have highlight covers ready in no time:

  • Launch Canva by clicking Make a sketch
  • Instagram users, select the story format.
  • Pick one, clear it out, and paint over the old one.
  • To find the icon, put “icon” into the search bar in Elements. Pick one, place it in the centre, and customise its colour.
  • Forward this layout by email or download it to your device’s gallery.

If you’d want to switch the cover art, tap this button to access your device’s photo library.

Instagram Highlights to Inspire Your Story

After settling on a method for making the icons, you should consider the layout of the Highlights section as a whole.

This is a recent development, and as you’re undoubtedly already aware, it’s important to encourage people who visit your profile to check out your excellent Instagram stories by clicking on the corresponding icons.

Some creative strategies for structuring Instagram stories and creating engaging covers for Highlights are provided below.

Is there a way to embed Instagram highlights into a website?

After you’ve put in the time and effort to create some truly memorable highlights for Instagram, why not showcase your talent on your website as well?
The good news is that you can embed Instagram stories into any website using a programme like EmbedStories.

Instagram Highlights can be embedded, but only in pre-made stories on the EmbedStories platform.
You may add the archived tales to your Highlights menu by uploading them manually using the custom story upload option.