The Complete Guide: Ecommerce Link Building

When it comes to search engine optimisation for an online store, link development is a crucial piece.

Online stores benefit just as much from good Google rankings for relevant terms as brick-and-mortar stores get from prime locations on bustling high streets; namely, a lot.
You need to get resourceful with your link building tactics if you want to achieve high rankings for competitive, profitable search terms.

Your site’s visibility in search results is directly related to the quality of the links leading back to it.

E-Commerce Link Building: 8 Tried and True Methods

If you look at Made In Cookware’s backlink profile on Ahrefs, you’ll see evidence that they’ve implemented many of the link building tactics we’ll discuss below.

These strategies address some of the more common issues plaguing online retailers, such as a dearth of relevant, linkable material.
Here are eight methods that have proven successful in constructing backlinks for online stores.

Make Shareable Content

By populating a blog part of your site with engaging content assets and then conducting outreach to attract links, you may greatly improve your site’s link profile. By linking out to more successful landing pages, you may share the referral’s beneficial impacts with them.

Discovering what makes material shareable is essential. Find out which of your rival’s pages receive the most inbound links by conducting a search for them in Ahrefs’ “Top Pages by Links” section. Check out other rival sites in order to compile a comprehensive list of potential investments.

With your newfound inspiration, you can begin developing material that will set you apart from the competition. If you do this, people are more likely to link to your resource instead of that of your rivals.

Widgets, Tools, and Other Types of Easily Shareable Assets

When combined with strategic promotion, these are formidable resources that can bring in many new customers. By contacting webmasters who were linking to inoperable calculators, we were able to get connections to our updated Keto calculator. This is a typical approach of fixing broken links.

Expert Advice

Creating in-depth guides on relevant topics to your niche can attract connections from other sites. We optimised this pre-workout supplement guide by building quality links, and it is now receiving about 15,000 monthly organic visitors.

Studies and Detailed Accounts

MyProtein compiled this survey to better understand how much money Brits are willing to spend on nutritional supplements. According to Ahrefs, it receives 16 referrals from other sites.

Honorable Mention on Top Lists

If you compile and post a list of the top sites and blogs in your business, you may receive backlinks from some of the sites on the list. One of our clients received tens of backlinks from this compilation of the best blogs for men. We made it into something people could be proud of, something they could link to from their own pages, and so on. It caused several high-quality links to be placed on the blogs‘ main pages.


Frequently Asked Questions pages are tools that can help you solve common issues in your field. They can be linked to like any other asset, but they typically attract links in a unique fashion.

Instead of focusing on outreach (which is still important), FAQs are written with the goal of improving search engine rankings for a wide range of related long-tail keywords. Then, your article will appear in results for those queries.

People are more likely to link to these pages on forums or social media, or cite them in blog posts, because of their high visibility and the problems they solve.

Specialized Revisions

E-commerce sites might benefit from specialised revisions. First, you conduct a Google search for topics related to your product. Next, you contact the webmaster and ask whether it would be possible to include a link to your site.

The catch is that you’ll have to part with some cash in exchange for these backlinks. However, the ROI may be positive due to the speed with which links can be acquired.

Online Public Relations

Link building from trustworthy websites is difficult, but digital PR makes it easy. However, it’s not easy to carry off because you need a narrative that can attract media attention and the connections to reach out to journalists and bloggers.

Forming alliances with affiliates

In addition to driving more traffic and more purchases, building affiliate partnerships can improve your site’s authority by increasing the number of inbound links.

If you pick the correct affiliates, you can get links from reputable sources. These connections will typically direct customers to your product pages, which is another perk.

Creating an affiliate programme and finding the right affiliates to promote it will be the most challenging parts of this plan. You’ll need to prove to potential partners that your programme can generate substantial revenue, either through high commission rates, high traffic volumes, or high customer conversion rates on your website.

Brand Mentions Without Links

Bloggers will often include a link to your site if they write about your company. Sometimes folks will forget to include the link. If you can determine when this occurs, you can contact the site’s owner and politely request a link exchange.

If you want to know everytime a new webpage is published that includes your company’s brand name, you may set up a Google alert. You can customise your email alerts by source, language, geographic region, and frequency of delivery.