6 Instagram Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Brand

Using Instagram as a marketing tool is a fantastic way to connect with consumers all around the world.
Improving your Instagram marketing requires a methodical approach to following growth. After all, the more individuals who encounter your business and decide to follow you on Instagram, the bigger your audience will be. If you want to expand your brand’s reach, try these seven simple Instagram marketing strategies.

Benefit from Instagram’s free resources

Instagram has just released business profiles that resemble Facebook’s business pages in many ways, including a prominent “contact” button that links to the user’s preferred method of getting in touch with the company, be it via email, phone, or text message.

Insights, the analytics section of a company’s page, provides access to metrics like impressions and interaction in addition to the contact option. To take advantage of these features, business users of Instagram need switch from their personal profiles to business profiles. The more data you have about user behaviour, the more you can optimise your material for maximum participation.

Promote each other’s Instagrams

Looking for a simple way to gain brand-loyal Instagram followers? Share your Instagram link on all of your other social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Since they are already following you on social media, they must be at least somewhat interested in what you have to offer.

You can’t assume that everyone who follows your brand on social media will see your updates. People frequently switch between several social media sites, and some users simply aren’t as active on some networks as they are on others. To maximise the number of people who see each of your social media posts, you should encourage your followers to connect with as many of your accounts as possible.

Avoid giving too much information

You should update your social media accounts regularly enough to keep your business top-of-mind, but not so often that you annoy your followers and drive them to stop following you.

There is no one-size-fits-all posting strategy that can be applied to all brands. It’s important to conduct experiments to gauge audience reaction. To determine when your audience is most active, I recommend starting with twice-daily posts at staggered hours. The next step is to begin testing out different post frequency ranges while paying close attention to user interaction. Finding your niche is only the beginning; you’ll need to make adjustments as your fan base grows. Trying to find the optimal posting frequency is an ongoing process.

Increase your audience size by engaging with your fans

Take the extra two seconds to thank the person who took the time to remark on one of your postings. Through that interaction, you can win over a customer who will then become an advocate for your business.

Include methods for your fans to engage with your updates. A simple “Tag three of your friends that would love this” can easily expose your brand to a wider audience and gain new followers. Many of the folks you’ve tagged will wind up following your Instagram since they were exposed to it by a mutual friend.

Make use of an engaging hashtag, Making a hashtag a game is a terrific way to get people involved right away, but you need to use them properly. For some of the bigger brands I consult for, I’ve utilised a really simple strategy: I’ve made up a hashtag that people can use to tag images of themselves with the product they just bought.

Reuse content from related channels.

If you’re struggling to produce enough material for your audience, you may always repurpose posts from related Instagram accounts. Make sure to give proper credit to the original poster by mentioning them in the post’s caption and tagging their profile.
Downloading photographs from Instagram and saving them to your camera roll makes reposting them a breeze. If you repurpose content from accounts whose followers you’d like to attract, many of those accounts will repurpose your own content as a gesture of goodwill.

Get imaginative to reach your target market

Using photographs that show off your creativity rather than looking like adverts is a terrific approach to connect with your audience.
The FedEx truck is dwarfed by the “Elvis Slept Here” sign. FedEx’s package delivery services are well-known to the general public. Their Instagram tactic centres on branding, and they make use of both their FedEx delivery cars and employees in imaginative ways. It’s a shrewd move because nobody would follow their account or interact with it if they didn’t come up with a unique slant.