How to Cure Tinnitus

Tinnitus refers to a continuous or intermittent ringing, hissing, buzzing, chirping, whistling, humming or any other sound in the ears when there’s NO external sound in reality. Statistics show that about 50 million people in the United States suffer from Tinnitus. The condition can cause sleeping and concentration problems. It can also interfere with personal relationships and work leading to
psychological stress.

What causes Tinnitus?

Among the major causes of tinnitus include and are not limited to head injuries, hearing loss
due to aging, damage in the eardrum, exposure to loud noise, and medications like diuretics, antibiotics, quinine, and aspirin.

How to Cure Tinnitus

There is no absolute or prescribed medicine for precise treatment of Tinnitus. This is because the
condition results as a side effect of other condition, infirmity or accident. However, it is possible to get a lasting remedy for the condition. The following treatment options can help cure Tinnitus.

Non-medical options

If Tinnitus results from exposure to loud music, a patient might need to go for non-medical
treatment. Masking devices can be used to reduce the unwanted noise. Additionally, if the condition results from excessive earwax, the doctor might recommend ear cleaning. A curved instrument called curette is used to flush out earwax. Warm water can be used as well.

Tinnitus Retrain Therapy or TRT

This treatment option depends on the ability of the brain to acclimatize to a particular
sound. This is to help perceive the noise as �not loud.’ The treatment needs no
conscious effort. A neutral sound from some source is played, and a patient can
even wear a sound generator. Counseling is also essential in this treatment.

Oronerv and Acidim medications

Acidim works by balancing the body’s pH thus clearing out all the toxins around the ears. It provides the hair a sufficient ear space for breathing and enhanced sound. Oronerv makes the nerve endings more receptive consequently healing Tinnitus. These two treatments work naturally and have no side effects. A patient takes two tablets twice a day.


Tinnitivix is a supplement that works in three different ways to treat tinnitus. It has a robust nerve-optimization property that helps to restore nerve problems in the ear and to rid all harmful molecules that cause ear damage. It is also packed with natural anti-inflammatories that speed up tinnitus healing. Finally, it contains essential nutrients that help the body to repair and heal. It is the most advanced treatment for tinnitus on the market.

Alternative herbal treatments

It is believed that herbal treatment options can cure tinnitus. Supplements such as Ginko Biloba and minerals like magnesium or zinc can treat the condition naturally.

Cochlear implants

If the condition becomes so severe that it can cause deafness, cochlear implants can be used. The devices help to send electrical signals to the brain. Though this treatment is ideal for other hearing problems, it works to treat tinnitus.


Tinnitus can be treated but the treatment should be based on the type of tinnitus one is suffering from. It is vital to consult a doctor before administering any medication.